HAUTE RESTAURANT: KREAM “the Wolves of Brooklyn Bridge”

Location: Brooklyn Bridge, 570 Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn (Pretoria)

There is something spectacular about walking into an exquisitely decorated restaurant that pulls you in and intrigues you. Even more special is the fact that as soon as you walk in, you are the most important person in the room. You have the undivided attention of the service staff. They are there to make sure you have an unforgettable experience, and they’ll do the most they can to ensure you do.

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You can’t help but leave your problems at the door as the warm smiles and inviting lighting pull you in. Your dinner experience comprises of your wait staff paying attention to your wants and needs – some of which you were not quite cognisant of. It never occurred to you that your water glass was low and needed a top up. From the impeccable service right through to the delicious courses you savour, you can’t help but leave feeling beyond satisfied. You are more than impressed by this restaurant that goes by the name of ‘Kream’. At the end of your lunch or dinner, off you go, returning to your life. Not as you know it, but with just hint of sparkle in your eyes and dancing in your heart. This glow emanating from within you having experienced what is called true ‘Kream Kulture’.

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To you, it was an incredible dining experience. To them, the Wolves of Brooklyn Bridge, it is their life and Kream is their den. They live and breathe, day-in and day-out, creating that experience. Thinking about and challenging themselves on how to do better, be better and to always stay ahead in the game.

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There is something incredibly fascinating when you meet the team. For 8 years they have danced in the shadows, and this track record exemplifies the endurance and stamina that these wolves possess. Yes, you may have caught a glimpse or exchanged a few words with them before, never quite knowing the complete make up or background of the pack that spends every waking moment to ensure that visitors – business people, ambassadors, politicians, celebrities, tastemakers, trendsetters, foodies and the average person like you and I, have an exquisite experience.

It is on the premise of this that we present to you, the ‘Wolves of Brooklyn Bridge’. On Wednesday 3 February 2016, the final piece of the puzzle will be placed as they finally come out of the shadows and reveal themselves. For weeks on social media, there have been teasers and glimpses of who they are and at last, the full story is revealed. We invite you to tune in and catch a glimpse of who ‘The Wolves of Brooklyn Bridge’ really are.

Stay tuned & up-to-date with their movements on Kream’s social media platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kreamrestaurant/

Instagram: @kreamrestaurant

Twitter: @kreamrestaurant

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