The Jameson Indie channel is looking for the freshest music video directors in South Africa.

Constantly inspired by the creative depth of young South African filmmakers, the Jameson INDIE Channel has shared some of the country’s freshest music videos on its YouTube channel and website. This summer we want to put our money where our mouth is, and get more meaningfully involved in with the film and music community. We know producing a music video is usually a labour of love, and getting the necessary funding can feel like drawing blood out of a stone. So, in order to bring the next killer video idea into existence, we’re offering R100 000 to the director with the most fearlessly authentic concept. That ought to make things a little easier.


Here’s how it works. If you’re interested in submitting a treatment, you’ll first need to find a musical collaborator and secure a track to use. The track must be South African, with no existing video, and have been recorded in the last six months. There is no restriction on musical genre. Your video idea needn’t feature the artist (of course it can if you’d like), but it’s crucial to ensure you have consent from the artist before submitting a proposal. By entering a treatment for consideration, it will be assumed that you have obtained permission in this regard.

Similarly, the director submitting a proposal will be responsible for finding a team to work with, including a producer to manage the production and its finances (nothing prevents the director from assuming a producer role). The total production budget will be paid over in full, as opposed to paying individual invoices. All equipment, locations, crew etc will need to be sourced, managed, and paid for by the production team. The INDIE Channel team will oversee things without getting involved, simply to ensure delivery on schedule. The team has some worthwhile experience in terms of directing and project management, so they will gladly assist at any point in the process. The point is that we’re here to help, not meddle in the creative process.

We’ll be accepting proposals from all South African directors over the age of 18 between 10 December 2015 and 31 January 2016. Directing experience isn’t a prerequisite, but will more than likely stand in your favour. The guidelines for submitting a proposal are quite straightforward. Your entry is limited to two A4 pages – one page for a written proposal, and one page for a visual mood board. These must be submitted via email as a PDF, along with a digital audio file/link to the track you’ll be using.

The terms and conditions are spelled out in more detail here, but the gist is that we’re looking for an original, exciting visual idea to accompany an equally incredible song. Since Jameson embodies the spirit of fearless authenticity, this idea will be our guiding criterion in the selection process. That, and the feasibility of competing the video within budget and on time. The director retains the rights to the video, but it will be premiered and hosted on the Jameson INDIE Channel. Beyond this, we really want to get your video out into the world as far and wide as possible. This has the potential to be real career booster for the director and artist alike.

Alright, that’s the long and short of it.
Now what are you waiting for? Hit us with your kick-ass proposals already!

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