McDonalds celebrates new launch in Sunninghill

It is somehow difficult to explain and impossible to categorise how we felt at Chili on top McDonald grand opening. It was one of those experiences that are both fun and recreational.

Chili on top is a shopping junction situated in Sunninghill with a limited number of shops and restaurants. McDonalds opened theirs on Saturday the 31st of October. Ronald McDonalds was there himself accompanied by other characters that made the experience even better. We never really felt as great at any McDonalds restaurant we have ever been to

The restaurant is built on the upper floor of a free standing building, with the drive Thru at the lower level. Sit in customers have an open area with a great view of the shopping junction, this is enhanced by the glass front window on the upper floor, and of course a kid’s play area is available. A friendly service is provided by the well experienced team, who have been in the industry for a long time.


We tried the new spicy chicken grilled fold over and we were not disappointed neither in taste nor in presentation. The meal was accompanied by tasty nuggets and sauces to dip in. We then had the new Mc Flury ice cream, which was amazing. Over and above all, we are well aware that whenever McDonalds introduces anything new nobody gets disappointed.

Chili on Top McDonalds hints at its development, a goal of offering a truly superior destination for people wanting to enjoy McDonalds meals. A few hours is all it took to confirm that Chili on Top McDonald is indeed going to deliver the McDonalds experience promise.

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