Tell us more about yourself and where you from and what you do for a living?

I’m originally from a beautiful little town called Portsheptone, growing up I always saw myself becoming a doctor Gynaecologist to be specific now I enjoy the unpredictable world of PR.

How do you juggle the hectic demand schedule of being in the PR industry with your social life and everything in between?

LOL it is crazy when I first started as an intern I did everything in my power to be heard so I would be the kid at the office volunteering to work late and on weekends my mom used to complain about me never being home but now she sees why. At this point of my career my time is unpredictable with some weekends away from home I’ve managed to find a balance. Truth is my career is a huge part of my life but lately I’ve managed to have the gift of a social life I’m sure my mom would differ haha.


  • Can you cook? And what’s your favourite meal to cook?

I’m actually a good cook my food is digestible kidding I can- my favourite meal to cook is cream spinach and stew.

  • What’s your favourite guilty pleasure food that you can’t help but munch on?

I love me some fries drenched in tomato sauce


  • Favourite restaurant and favourite meal from that restaurant?

The Butcher Shop & Grill, has to be the Cubed Fillet sautéed in olive oil & fresh rosemary.


  • What’s the one unnecessary expenditure you once did and still regret today?

Definitely my tattoo its in a place that now makes no sense to me but the reason I regret it is not the money but the trouble I got in for getting it if I had known I would of definitely went bigger hahaha

  • What’s the one financial advice you have learned so far, that you still apply even today?

BUDGET and SAVE!!!!! and I’m still learning the importance of this today

Last time we spoke you were still single? Are you still single?

Let’s just say there’s a potential something 😉

If we can help you find a man, who would you say is your ideal man?

Can I give you his number hahaha

Your celebrity crush?

Idris Elba his all chocolate and reminds me of someone that I used to know


How would you describe your current fashion sense?

Hahaha alittle trendy

5 fashion items you can’t live without?

  • My fedora man does it help a bad hair day
  • Nude flats
  • The  classic white tee
  • Fitted blue jeans finally found a pair that does the job!
  • Aviators- They make any outfit look cool and with a playful touch, no matter the season.


Which celebrity would you love to raid their closet?

Forget celebrity closet can I just have all myclosetbyakho and style alert SA items in my closet L

Do you follow trends? And what was the weirdest trend that you followed and now when you look back it was totally ridiculous?

I try to well atleast follow trends that work for me….When I was younger man did I love me some Hip hop I use to do the whole dungaree and bandana thing in sneaks hahaha thank God I grew into a little lady those pics still torture me!!
Name five of your favourite artists?

  • Alice Smith
  • The Soil
  • Black coffee
  • Kiera Shread
  • Big Nuz


If you were a musician which genre would you perform?

  • Kwaito heeeeh

Artists who you feel should just retire?

Hahaha Bobby Brown
What do you normally do to kill time over the weekend?

Watch series till my eyes hurt or just chill with friends depends really such a Yawn I know.

If you could get an opportunity to go hard-core drinking with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

I wouldn’t be drinking but I’ll hang out with  Loni Love; man would she make me laugh

 Your five favourite hangouts in JHB?

  • Gillooly’s Farm
  • Meat Lounge
  • Maboneng
  • Hmmmm I should totally go out more
    Complete the following sentence


If I won a million rand I would…….. 

CAN YOU SAY PARTY!!!!!SPENT IT ALL HAHAHAH okay I would actually pay my bills man

If my house had burn down and I had to save only 5 items I would save…

MY MOMMY!!! Phone and handbag that’s enough!!

If I went to the doctor and they told me I am dying in two weeks, this is what I’ll do…

I would pray and fast for two weeks!!! I know my mom just installed the lessons of FAITH IN ME!!

My favourite childhood game…


Creativity for me is..

Thinking outside the box

One night stands are…

DUDE… what happen to forever after

If I was to write a memoir of my life it would be called…

It was always my season even in the STORM!!
On the spot

  • Batman or superman?


  • Vodka or tequila?


  • Beer or cider?

Beer lol did I just say that

  • Bonang or Pearl Thusi?

Uhmmmm  Bonang

  • Braamfontein or Maboneng?


  • Casper or Aka?

Eh uhm Casper

  • Euphonik or Kent?


  • Generations or Ashes to Ashes?


  • Twitter or Instagram or facebook?

ALL ok Instagram

  • Great body or great personality?

BOTH please okay Personality

Is there any quote that you live by? Faith is unseen but felt, faith is strength when we feel we have none, faith is hope when all seems lost”- This quote gets me through

So what’s next for you?

Someone told me that there is a lot of dynamite in me and to allow myself to be great without fear of the nonsense I attract because of great genes!  Watch this space don’t call me I’ll call you J

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