This week we interview Brendon Shane; a sporty outgoing guy with a massive passion for people and fitness. born and raised in Pretoria,Centurion and still calls Pretoria home! His parents however are from Durban and he is a proud Sharks supporter, sorry for the blue bull supporters!! Now Brendon is a  qualified personal trainer and nutritional adviser.


  • What’s your job description and what’s your dream job?
    I am a qualified personal trainer and nutritional adviser. By doing what I am currently doing I am already living the dream. My goal is to help as many people as I can who struggle to stay consistent with their dieting and who also suffer from binge eating due to the diets that are too restrictive. I went through this myself and let me tell you, having a bad relationship with food is extremely unpleasant and depressing. I had to get out of it myself.
  • How did you decide to go into fitness instruction and training? 
    I have been physically active my whole life. I played sports such as rugby, athletics, swimming and I’m also a black belt in karate. When I was 16, my rugby coach decided that he wants me to play flank forward. Now at that time I was very quick and agile because I was a sprinter for my school, so I had to start hitting the weights to put on muscle mass to be able to play as a forward. From that moment in time I fell in love with the gym and started self studying on all the methods of training, dieting etc. I have never stopped learning and improving since then and decided that I want to follow my passion for fitness and become a personal trainer and health coach like I am today, and I thank God for every opportunity and every second that I am living this dream.
  • How long have you been practicing in this field?
    I actually started training and helping my friends out since I was 17. I am 23 now so that will make it 6 years of in depth fitness experience and coaching. Wow, I actually feel old now!
  • By your personal analysis what does it take to be a successful fitness trainer and instructor?
    Look first of all I think that their are way too many “arm chair” coaches out there who just simply work from theory without any personal experience. Just because you have a qualification doesn’t mean you are a good coach or personal trainer. I think the most important factor is people skills first and foremost. You need to know how to work and interact with different types of people and how to communicate with them on different levels. Secondly, you need someone who can design a training routine/diet plan based on YOUR lifestyle and personal goals. Any fool can simply copy and paste a training or diet template without considering how it’s going to effect your mental well being and physique goals. Consistency and sustainability are the biggest factors when it comes to achieving the body you want. If your fitness trainer/personal trainer cannot provide that, then its time to make a change.
  • What makes your methods different and special from what we see out there?
    When it comes to nutrition, I don’t force my clients to eat a specific food that they don’t want to eat. I work with the foods that they enjoy eating on a daily basis. Now, based on their physique goals, I will calculate the amount of calories needed for them to achieve their goal i.e if they want to loose body fat, I make sure they stay in a calorie deficit ( burning more calories than you consume ). If they want to gain weight or muscle mass, I make sure they stay in a calorie surplus ( consuming more calories than you burn ). Or, if they simply want to maintain their weight and still enjoy their favorite food, I keep them at maintenance calories ( consuming enough calories for your daily requirements and staying the same weight ). This approach helps me to stay at 6% body fat throughout the whole year, no yo-yo dieting, no cravings, just a scientifically backed balanced lifestyle.Does one have to have the face for it or just the knowledge and qualification?
    Good question, I seriously laughed when I saw this. Look, a good face will help attract clients I won’t lie I have seen this happen numerous times, but when you have a lack of knowledge and you lack professionalism, you won’t be able to retain your clients and eventually start loosing business. So, when you have it, use it for the greater good!
  • Do fitness trainers take themselves as sex Gods like the woman do?
    You really know how to put a guy on the spot… For me, my body is my temple. So, when I take photos of myself and post it online, I want to show people what we all are capable of achieving when we put our minds to it. When it comes to sex gods, I do not see myself as one, nor do I want to be seen as one. I want to inspire and help people to feel better about themselves rather than seeing my photos and feeling worse.
  • Who do you enjoy training the most gents or ladies and why?
    Really depends on how you feel that day. Ladies are usually very talkative when they feel comfortable around you which is pleasant sometimes, because then I actually push them and they don’t realize how hard they are training…sneaky! Gents are pretty straight forward and usually don’t talk that much. So like I said it depends on how you feel that day. I really don’t have a preference… sorry mate!IMG_20150905_214901
  • Quick Questions 
  • First thing you do upon waking up?
    Thank God for the beautiful day and all the amazing people in my life and drink 500 ml of cold water.
  • What do you usually have for break fast?
    Oats with honey and a banana with some poached eggs and a multi-vitamin.
  • Wine or Beer?
    Beer mate.
  • Parties or Indoor?
    There is a right time for both, but usually parties.
  • Cricket or Rugby?
    Rugby no doubt
  • Cars or Ladies?
    Both !.. but if I had to choose only one, Its gonna be ladies for the win.



Last Questions

What makes you smile, laugh and be joyful?
Helping anyone who is in need, seeing my clients achieve their goals, and seeing the people I care about being happy.

  • Who or what gives you the most inspiration?
    Our heavenly father. He has already won all the battles you fighting, you need not be afraid. That is what inspires me and keeps me going through difficult times. The people in my life are also very supportive and understanding, I am thankful to have them as friends.
  • What’s one thing you can’t live without?
    Love. Period.
  • Like any other man with ambitions their life is complimented by a woman, is Brendon still eligible bachelor or taken?
    1st class eligible bachelor… My lifestyle is extremely busy, but I really do want someone in my life. Every beauty needs a beast right??
  • Is the any quote or mantra that you live by would like to share in closing with The Guide Online Viewers?
    Don’t be afraid of failure, there are no mistakes in life only lessons. Appreciate and love the people in your life, one day God will need them back.

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