• Yes we have seen the face on our TV and Billboards who’s Thabo Malema and where does he originate from?

Thabo Malema is an entertainer and artist that originates from Pretoria


  • How did Thabo Malema discover his passion and what avenue did he take to nourish his talent?

I have always been an entertainer at heart, it started at home when there was some events, I would be asked to dance, read birthday cards etc. little did i know i would turn it into a career. To enhance my passion and perfect my craft i studied BA Honors Degree in Live and Performance in AFDA


  • To those who don’t know your acting career, can you state productions you have been involved in and your personal favourite?

I did numerous productions Primevil, White Lion,10 000BC,The  No.1 Ladies Agency, Strike Back Season III, Single Guys and Gold Diggers being my favourite production.


  • Tell us more about your character on Gold Diggers?

Ronald is man in his early 30’s son of a miner Patrick Gumede. Tune in every weekday 8; 00pm on e-TV it’s free.


  • Has the story line influenced your personal life and if yes in which way?  Yes, I love agriculture and nature same as Ronald.

 Industry Analysis

  • We have seen the birth of Film Industries around the globe e.g. BollyWood and NollyWood. What’s your take on Mzansi Film Industry growth?

The industry has grown enormously in recent years especially 2015. We have seen more local shows and TV channels which provide opportunity for actors trying to break in the industry young and old.


  • As you have been in different productions, what’s the common principle that you picked up on set and compulsory in all productions?


Its difficult to answer that one but delivery, every production has its challenges, at the end of the day boils down to delivery and of the highest quality.


  • There’s an industry question that haunts every actor, screen or theatre and reasons of choice?

Screen and Theatre are like a hand and glove, in order to flourish in both, you have to be a performer of the highest quality.


  • Which fellow actor do you aspire too and why?

Denzel Washington. I believe his skilled, highly versatile and makes the craft of acting look easy.


  • Besides acting which area of the Visual Arts do we see Thabo Malema exploring?

Most definitely producing.

Get to know Thabo Malema

  • All Super Heroes have free time at some point, what does Thabo do with his free time?

I have ventured into agriculture which takes up most of my time.

  • Any manly activity does Thabo Malema endure in?

Am soccer fanatic, once in a while i play soccer but socially.

  • What would Thabo choose to constantly fill up his adrenaline rush, bikes or cars, which model and why?

Cars, I just love cars.

  • Which event is marked a “show up” on Thabo’s event calendar besides his birthday?

I’m not an outgoing person but spending time with family as much as possible.

Quick Questions

  • Old Pirates or Chiefs?


  • ANC or EFF?


  • Zuma or Malema?


  • Reading or Movies?


  • Wisdom or Riches?


  • Winnie Mandela or Janet Jackson?

Winne Mandela

  • Prenuptial or In Community Of Property?

Community of Property

  • Is the any quote or mantra Thabo lives by would like to share in closing with The Guide Online Viewers?

Seize the Day

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