BOOK GUIDE: The Secret by: Rhonda Byrne

When the book was realised it become an instant hit by that an oxymoron. Critics judged the “as the Book” of the century, religious elders thought it contradicted and enfeeble the core principles of worshiping God. The Secret is a personal development book recognised by great teachers like Bob Proctor, John Assarf, Lisa Nichols, James Arthur Ray, Bill Harris, Stanley Beck amongst others. The Secret has advanced to other mediums to make it accessible to the public, The Secret The Movie, a website and other social media platforms.


Fragments of the Great Secret have been found in oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies through out the centuries. The book has managed to put all secrets come together in an incredible revelation that is life transforming for all to experience.

In the book you’ll learn how to use the secret in every aspect of your life-money, health, relationships, happiness or any interaction you intend to flourish in your life. The book contains wisdom of modern day teacher’s men and women who have used it to achieve greatness in their lives. By applying the knowledge, the secret brings light to compelling stories of cured illness, acquiring massive wealth, over coming obstacles and achieve against all odds.


This is a must read to any book fanatic, it changes one perspective towards life and enlightens ones path to desired life. I give it 5/5 Fist Bumps

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