1. Who’s Koketso Mahope and where does he hail from?   I’m just another broken man who got tired of being broken and complacent about every little thing around him. I am on a journey to build Future Billionairing companies across Africa run by young Africans. I call Pretoria home.
  • 2.When did Koketso discover his business instincts and what prompted it?

I discovered my business instincts while I was in primary school but back then and for a long time after that… they ended up as just ideas. No one took the time to notice that I was passionate about it. Funny enough the one thing that prompted it was the very something that killed it. My parents were “Boot entrepreneurs”… they sold merchandise from the back of their car boot as a way to get extra income. They later went into the alcohol beverage and spazashop market as well as catering. In those days, they discouraged me to pursue my business ideas. According to them… I had to go to school and get a job.

3. In which business industry does Koketso apply his trade in and what is the focus of his business?

Look, I believe in jacking all trades and mastering them. You cannot depend on one trade in this day and age. I service the “startup industry” in any category that I see the founder having passion in.


4. What current projects are you working on?

Yiikes brother! Some of the projects that I am currently working on are:

  • Glooop
  • Ko’Spaza
  • Delite Music
  • Onlinebrand
  • TheGentleman’s Notebook
  • BeardBoys
  • Two’Brews Coffee Bar
  • Dendron Braai Briquettes
  • Project Y Africa
  • The StartUp Lab

Coffee Meet

5.What is the purpose of these discussions?

The coffeemeet is a platform that we want to use for men and woment to engage in. We want people to start converse, learn and walk away with enough insight to go and change their communities. This is the first step to rehabilitating Africa so we can build Future Billionairing companies.


6.In your own perspective what defines a Modern Day Man?

This is still a journey for me. I do not have a definite answer. However Brother, I believe that what the Modern man needs to be defined by is Godly Prinsipals that he should use in conducting himself. Character is a huge part of being a modern man. A man needs not be a man for the sake of females but for society as a whole. I could go on but I would advise people to attend the Meets so that they can get more than one opinion on this topic.

7. Do you think cultural and traditional man should advance into Modern Day and Why?

It’s not advancing but adapting and translating tradition into universal. So all the world can have one universal manhood. If that makes sense.

8.Are this discussions secret and discrete, are they any credentials in joining them?

No, we are not in the business of secret societies. They are open to any and everyone. Men and women alike. There is no credentials, it’s a free invite.

9. If their accessible which avenues one takes to find information about them?

Information on them can be found on our wensite, facebook page and my personal facebook profile.

Y Africa


10. Can you elaborate on Y Africa?

Why not Africa? We have been sidelined for too long. We need to start taking ownership. This project aims at bridging African entrepreneurs and doing more cross boarder trades. That’s all.

11. Your views on Africa’s economic state?

You know what… I’m not concerned about our current economic state… I care about where we will be in the next 6 years. We are about to enter into a rapid growth season. Being a person that isn’t about “the money”, I care more about having more homes with food in them, more people treating each other with respect, my currency is “Hope” my brother.

12. As Africa stated cradled of humanity and birth of economic civilisation, what must be done in this modern era to bring back new glory days?

Start more businesses.

13. How can one be part of Y-Africa?

Project Y Africa is for everyone. Like everything that we do. It’s about the people.


Future Billionairing


14. What is Future Billionaring and what is the entity about?

Future Billionairing is a platform that buys into small businesses that are sustainable and viable. It is also a platform that we use to inspiring through conversation. We do not believe that we are motivational speakers. We also coach on entrepreneurship and technology.

15. What encouraged this quest of motivating, inspiring and teaching of life skills?

The encouragement came from all the experiences. Pain does that to one at times if you know how to channel it well. Pain became my biggest fuel of getting things done.

16. As youth are catalyst to the future, do you think SA youth is ready for the now future?

Yes, We are ready but we need to know that we are ready then do something about it. Honestly, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs that I’ve met and know who are doing amazing things. This is where my inspiration comes from. Future Billionairing has not done anything phenomenal yet.


18. The industry Future Billinoraing is trading has seen influx of life coaches, motivational speakers etc what sets you guys apart?

What sets us apart is that we are not motivational speakers. We are conversationalists. We don’t speak at people, we speak with people. Also, our business is not speaking, it is one of the strings in our business model yes… but it is not our business. So thus we are not in competition. If you ask me… we don’t have competition. We are not doing this to compete. We are not in it for profit gains but for sustainability.

19. How does one get to benefit from this workshops and talks?   

We can’t give anyone a guideline of benefits, you take what feel you want out of what we offer. We don’t know everything and thus we want to learn from people too.

Koketso Mahope


20. As a emerging pioneer its only human to have spare time, what does koketso spend his free time on?

My spare time is spent with God and by myself mostly. I Golf here and there and love extreme activities and adventure. I’m quite the spontaneous guy… you never know what I’ll do next.

21. What would Koketso choose to constantly fill up his adrenaline rush, bikes or cars, which model and why?

I’m a Porsche Carrerra 911 and Lamborghini guy.


22. Which event is marked “show up” on koketso calendar?

Church on Sunday and Prayer on Saturday.

23. Like any other business man his their life is complimented by a woman, is Koketso still eligible bachelor or taken?

I cannot be an eligible bachelor if I want to be alone right? So I guess I’m not available to be taken or be and eligible bachelor. lol

24. Is the any quote or mantra Koketso lives by would like to share in closing with The Guide Online Viewers?

If Not God, Why not God. Because God.

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