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Un-boxing the Samsung A5 was pleasurable experience. Samsung’s top of the range smart phone the galaxy series are well known globally, when I heard about the A5; at the back of my mind laid the low hopes and expectations from the “A5”. The first noticeable great thing about this phone is the design. It is completely unique and sleek design, nothing like the usual Samsung smart phones on the market.


Before switching on this state of the art designed phone I could already feel that it is a great phone. The feel of the aluminum body is one thing that is remarkable about this phone. It adds a luxurious feel to phone, I conducted a top to bottom, front to back, and left to right look at the phone. I was impressed with the design of the device. The sharp edges added a huge styling feature that has never been seen before on Samsung devices. Samsung engineers have really put some thought to come up with such a beautifully crafted A5.


After switching on the device I knew that i would not be disappointed in any aspect. With the back cover not being removable I expected the battery to be durable. It was no surprise to see the phone perform tasks like browsing the internet, playing games, editing documents without affecting significantly the battery life – speaking of battery life the stand by time of this device is stunning.


Amid the range of affordable smart phones the A5 has the potential to be top ranked on that category. It is powered by the Android OS alongside with the 410 Snapdragon Chipset and a Quad core 1.2 GHz. With the above basic features a lot can be done on a phone, I almost forgot to mention the 2GB of RAM that makes even more potent, one can multitask and use demand apps without affecting the speed of the phone.


The other feature that did not go unnoticed about this phone is its camera. In fact the camera is probably the paramount feature of the A5. At 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, Samsung fans will have reason enough to buy the A5. Starting from the front camera the phone features a variety of selfie modes to explore, it even has a Groupie mode to take wider Selfies with friends. I took a large number of pictures with the phone and I was impressed. From morning random shots to night outs, the camera always showed great results. I am not the type to take pictures with a phone, I like to use a digital camera for great pictures; but with the A5, trust me you will not need another camera with you.


Bottom line

Samsung once again proved that smart phones can deliver high quality for a reasonable price, despite the current trend of smart phones only delivery high quality for a high price. This device is well priced , it promises Samsung fans that they don’t have to sell a car or a TV set to upgrade to a new phone.



  • Stunning camera quality, 13MP rear and 5MP front
  • Can handle demanding apps without affecting performance
  • Durable battery
  • Aluminum body
  • Fairly priced


  • Screen could have been slightly bigger
  • Battery cannot be swapped



Take-a-lot- R 4,889


MTN- R349 PM X24


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