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By Daz Mokoena

Design Quarter based in Fourways is a wonderful destination which offers divine décor. In the heart of Design Quarter lies a breath-taking restaurant which is just under a decade old. The restaurant we referring to is Primi Extreme Design Quarter. It has transformed into a premier destination for those looking for an outing from a breakfast meeting, or a casual lunch, a family get-together, a romantic date or a party for a 100 guests. The venue caters for all with a wonderful ambiance and it is the perfect venue to dine during the cold winter nights.

When we walked in we immediately felt a warm and accommodating ambiance. We were welcomed by the co-owners Nazreen Ramlal and Vikash Ramparsad. We took our seats and had a conversation with Nazreen who gave us a brief history of Primi World and also took us through the menu. The menu was easy to understand and straight forward. Nazreen was also kind enough to tell us more about the Italian dining experience that she acquired during her travels to Italy, for example, Did you know that in Italy pasta is the first course to be served? We were treated to a traditional Italian meal which we would love to share with you.


We opened our meal with the delicious Antipasto Misto. It is a slightly heavier starter but lighter than a first course. This can be shared on the table amongst a few guests. This dish includes a Mediterranean platter of prosciutto, salami, grilled and marinated artichokes, peppers, zucchini, marinated tomatoes, pecorino shavings, kalamata and green olives. It is best served with a Rosemary and Salt Focaccia bread. Wow, this was awesome.

Antipasto Misto
Antipasto Misto

We also added our own South African touch and jumped at the opportunity to order the grilled chicken wings as a starter, basted with fiery Jamaican jerk sauce. They were delicious, tender, and spicy and you could still taste that smoke from the grill that added to the unique taste. We couldn’t help but lick our fingers and we agree that it was, Comfort food at its best!

Grilled Chicken Wings

Primi Piatti which means first dish

Primi Piatti is famous for their delicious pastas and sticking with the Italian tradition we ordered pastas as our first course. CALAMARI & CHORIZO (Calamari, chorizo, cherry tomatoes, garlic & a pinch of dried chilli pan-fried in Extra Virgin Olive Oil & tossed together with chickpeas, lemon, mint & fresh basil) and the PESCATORE (Patagonian calamari, shelled prawns & half-shelled mussels, pan-fried with olive oil, garlic, white wine, lemon & tomato with a hint of chilli).


The CALAMARI & CHORIZO pasta was beautifully prepared from the presentation to the taste. It had a memorable, exquisite taste. The PESCATORE was also delightful to indulge in, the flavours were perfectly balanced, the prawns well done and the sauce was absolutely amazing.

Pescatore Pasta
Pescatore Pasta

Secondi means Second Course in Italian

The main menu had many options to choose from that we were spoilt for choice.  We ended up choosing the MEDITERRANEAN SEARED FILLET (Served with marinated tomatoes, olives & fresh rocket with a yoghurt & feta dressing) and the BISTECCA (Mature T-bone steak grilled to perfection, served with Café de Paris style butter & fresh rocket). Both meals were simply wonderful and perfectly prepared. The taste was incredible and the presentation was magnificent.

Mediterranean Seared Fillet

Dolce which means Dessert in Italian :

It was finally time for dessert, with our stomachs already full, we had to make space for dessert. For dessert we ordered the CHOCOLATE NEMESIS (A classic flourless chocolate cake served with a hazelnut ice cream shot & citrus carpaccio) and the BROWNIE (Dark chocolate brownies with homemade chocolate fudge sauce, topped with nuts. Served hot with cream or ice cream). The dessert was perfectly balanced, the chocolate melted in our mouths, every spoon was a delightful surprise for the taste buds.

Chocolate Nemisis

Other famous primi dishes you have to try: 

Baked Salmon
Baked Salmon
& Brownie

The Guide MagazineSA ratings is as follows: 

  • Presentation: 8/10
  • Taste: 9/10
  • Service: 9/10
  • Affordability: 7.5/10
  • Location: 9/10
  • Overall we would give our dining experience a 9/10


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